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Eagle Software
Further integration with Eagle Software
At CampaignAgent, we believe in a better way. A better way to fund vendor advertising and a better way to support our real estate partners. With access to instant capital, no hidden fees, and transparent terms, CampaignAgent is the smarter way to lead your vendor to success.

That’s why we’re continuing to integrate our technology with leading real estate software providers like Eagle Software through our secure API.
Have better conversations and build great experiences.
Funding a property marketing campaign can be an awkward discussion. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the financial freedom to invest in the right property marketing campaign for your client.

By integrating our innovative Pay Now and Pay Later solutions into Eagle Software, we’re helping agents and vendors assess up to 1.5% of the estimated property sale price for marketing, styling, and even minor repairs.
VPAPay at your fingertips
No matter which option your vendor chooses, we offer the best hands-free technology that integrates with any CRM, including Eagle Software, advertising solutions and sign-on glass solutions. And as we’re integrated with Eagle Software, our technology will save you hours of paperwork.
Pay Now, Pay Later
Pay Now or Pay Later
Whether your clients choose to Pay Now or Pay Later, we’ve got simple finance options both you and your vendor will love. Unlike many others in the marketplace, we have no penalty interest, ever.

Book a 10 minute demo and we promise it will be worth the time.
Choice and flexibility

Secure VPAPay

Secure agreement from vendors directly.

Better cashflow

Reduce outlay on marketing costs, improving your cashflow.

Funds direct to you

CampaignAgent manages the payment process with the vendor, and funds are provided directly to you.

Get the best outcome

Access up to 1.5% of the estimated sale price, so you can promote your vendors property with the best marketing campaign.

No deposit required

No deposit required from vendors so you can list their property faster.

Seamless technology

Seamless technology that allows the vendor to approve their marketing campaign in the living room.

We’re here to help you get on board.
We’re dedicated to providing the best support and advice, so no matter the question, we encourage you to get in touch with our Customer Support team on 1300 882 622 or contact a National Sales Team representative to book a demo today.