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Set the stage with StagePay

When it comes to selling real estate - first impressions count

Making sure your home or investment property is well styled and presentable is essential to ensuring you get the best price on the market.

What is property staging? And what are property stylists?

You can think about staging like a temporary makeover for your home. A stylist will visit the property, take measurements and get a feel for the space. They’ll work with you and your real estate agent to determine the key selling points and what areas or features you want to highlight. Once you all agree on a direction, the stylist will get to work sourcing all the furniture, dressings, and art required to create the look and feel you want to achieve.

In many cases, they will be able to use some of your existing furniture so you won’t necessarily have to remove your belongings if you’re still living at the property. The entire process only takes a matter of days, but it should be one of the first things you arrange after deciding to sell, as you’ll need the property to be styled before any photography or marketing can be completed.

Will staging a property really make a difference?

As with all things in real estate, deciding whether or not to stage your home comes down to one thing – money. The cost of staging a property can vary, RACV found the average cost for a two-bedroom apartment can range from $2500 – $4000, while a four-bedroom house will cost around $4000 – $7500*. It’s no small investment, but experts agree, it’s definitely worth it.

According to OpenAgent, styling your home can add an additional 5% – 10% to its value^, and with the nation’s median house price fast approaching 1 million dollars, styling is shaping up to be a great investment. So why does staging have such a big impact on the value of a home?

No. 1

Staging helps buyers visualise themselves in the property

Contrary to what you may believe, an empty house does not leave room for a buyer’s imagination. Styling a home creates an inviting atmosphere that helps people imagine themselves moving in. Styling can help buyers form a connection with a property.

No. 2

Staging helps a property stand out

While every home is unique, a prospective buyer may have looked at hundreds of properties before they come across yours. They’ve seen it all, and the last thing you want is for them to skip past yours. Staging a home can give it a distinct personality that stands out.

No. 3

Staging distracts from imperfections

No home is perfect. Whether it’s an odd-shaped room, a poorly positioned window, or a lack of privacy, as a seller there’s always something you’re worried might affect the sale of your home. While staging can’t fix these problems, it can make them seem like less of an issue. The right piece of furniture can fill a room, an extra lamp can add light, and a few tactically placed plants may offer privacy. Whatever the issue, there’s always something a stylist can do.

How CampaignAgent and StagePay can help

Staging a property is clearly a good decision, but not all sellers are in the position to make that investment. If you’re like many Australians who have their equity locked up in their property, spending an additional four to seven thousand dollars on styling, just isn’t possible. At CampaignAgent we knew there had to be a better way, which is why we developed StagePay.

Think of StagePay like the Afterpay of home styling. Effectively we offer next day funding for all your property styling needs, StagePay can even cover unexpected expenses you might encounter when preparing to sell your home like trades work and minor repairs. We designed StagePay to take the pressure out of staging your property, so you can spend less time worrying about expenses and more time focused on getting the best price possible.

If you’re interested in using StagePay to style your home, speak to your agent, we can’t wait to work with you on your home selling journey.

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^ OpenAgent – How much does a home stager cost in 2021?