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What you need to know

To set you up for success, we have put together an online training and orientation program, so you fully understand how  StagePay can take your vendors’ property to the next level and maximise their sale potential. 

The fine print

Once a sales agreement is in place, agencies can request StagePay funding at any time during the life of the sales campaign. Funding can be requested separately or a combined request for marketing and staging can be set up.

Agents must provide quotes or invoices as part of their initial application, as StagePay funding can only be provided to trades and not DIY projects. The quotes or invoices must match the total amount of staging funding requested. CampaignAgent also needs a copy of the current sales agreement.

The standard Pay Later fee applies to StagePay funding requests – 5.9% with no penalty interest, ever. For more information on fees, see your contract. 

Your client will be required to sign (a) a loan agreement with their Agency to cover the initial staging component and (b) a VPAPay Agreement with CampaignAgent to cover both the staging component and the marketing component when the VPAPay Agreement commences.

Following the sale, the staging funds and the marketing funds are repaid in accordance with your current VPAPay agreement (ie, amounts are due on the earlier of the Pay Later Due Date, Withdrawal, Early Deposit Release or Settlement).

Nothing changes with respect to a vendors Pay Later fees/due date but in order to comply with legislative requirements (which requires the vendors Pay Later due date to fall within 62 days of when we fund them) we extend the initial styling/staging funding to your office (rather than the vendor) prior to the marketing funding date.

Our agreement with the vendor commences on the marketing funding date and assuming a vendor does not withdraw their property from sale prior to that date, we will recover all costs owing (staging and marketing) directly from the vendor (assuming the costs were incurred of course). If a vendor withdraws their property from sale prior to the marketing funding date (and the commencement of our agreement with the vendor) we would require your office to assign to us and we would accept that assignment and then seek to recover those costs directly from the vendor.

Need extra training?

Our Customer Success team are available to provide any additional training your team requires, from the ins and outs of StagePay, to maximising your vendor paid advertising. 
Our training is complimentary and always available. 
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Madison Forbes

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