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Here at CampaignAgent, we’re creating a world of possibilities.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re excited to join us in making a difference by helping us achieve our vision to create a world where everyone has the financial freedom to realise their true potential!

It started with a ski lift

Although we’re a warm and friendly place to work, CampaignAgent was born in the snow!

Back in 2015 founders Shaun & Seth were sitting on a chairlift discussing solutions for a problem Seth was having in his real estate business when another great idea was born.

The idea gathered momentum (like a snowball down a hill) and after a few nights brainstorming they had come up with “CampaignAgent” a business that would allow vendors and agents to sell better with less risk.

Shaun and Seth have been friends since their first week of business school, they both have kids, a passion for skiing and everything about real estate.

What started with 2 friends on a chairlift is now 50 people strong, and all dedicated to helping Australians realise their true potential!
Founder and CEO, Shaun with Geoffrey, one of our first and longest serving engineers, working through their first exercises in prototyping a makeshift ‘whiteboard’ out of a foldout bed.

Why we exist

Navigating buying and selling a home can be complicated and not everyone has the means to make the most of life’s opportunities. It’s the universal dilemma that gave birth to CampaignAgent.

But we’re putting the power in people’s hands to seize the moment and capitalise on life’s biggest opportunities. Together we’re creating a world where agents, homeowners, tenants, and landlords have the financial freedom to realise their true potential in life, their business, or greatest asset.

Meet our CASer's, who make CampaignAgent great.

A CASer [ˈkeɪsə; pronoun; plural: CASers; an individual who lives and breaths CampaignAgent] is someone who takes the work seriously, but not themselves! Like our purpose, we’re all here for one reason “To inspire confidence and drive transformation”. Possibility is the one thing we turn up for everyday. 

Our aim is to create a culture where our team can both feel good about their work and thrive outside of it. That’s why we strive to cultivate a diverse community of growth, balance, and joy.

We believe in continuing to grow our culture with open and honest communication, and genuine feedback. We do this by giving people a voice to share ideas, encourage cross team collaboration, openly share the highs and lows, make mistakes and then make it better!

Together, we’ve created a dynamic, fun and inviting environment. We want people to bring their whole self to work, so they can do their best work, be part of a great team, treat each other with the respect and feel valued.

The way we work

We appreciate coming together a couple times a week, with Wednesdays being a common point. From there, we try to be flexible and let each team decide how often and when they would like to meet.

We recognise the importance of having a vibrant office culture, as well as everyone having lives outside of work.

Benefits & Perks

We understand that it’s not just about the benefits, but we’d like to think that we’ve got some great ones, such as paid parental leave, mentorship, development opportunities (including Kaizen days) and a generous employee referral program.
We have an amazing team who come from all over the world, which is why we also have a “Work From Anywhere” program that supports mixing work and pleasure where possible.

If you’re based in the Collingwood office we also have a fully stacked kitchen, slick coffee machine; lux end of trip facilities and like to think of ourselves as social bunnies.

Providing mental health resources and support that embraces open conversations about struggles we face to support in reducing the stigma is pretty important to us too.

You’ve probably guessed by now we’re pretty passionate about empowering people which is why we’ve partner with Homes for Homes. Their mission is simple – to ensure that every person in Australia has a safe and affordable place to sleep each night. Every night 116,000 people in Australia sleep homeless, while another 1.5 million live in serious housing stress. More housing is needed

Pictured: CEO + Co-Foundder Shaun Moriarity:  The Big Sell + Homes for Homes

How do you become a CASer?

Let's talk about what to expect

Check our openings
If you see an opening below that you think is right for you, we encourage you to apply for the role as we’d love to hear from you.
We’ll reach out
We’ll reach out to set up an initial chat to get to know you better and answer any questions you might have. If it’s not the right fit or time, we’ll let you know!
Your time to shine
Each process is slightly different but typically it invoiced another 2 or 3 opportunities for you to meet other CASers and showcase your skills either through a technical interview, coding exercise or a presentation challenge.
Making it official
If the stars are aligned and everyone is happy, we’ll do references, then send you an offer to sign before organising your laptop, swag and onboarding plan.

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