Pay Now, Pay Later Real Estate.


Smarter, faster, more compelling choices for Agencies.

Lift your bottom line and strengthen cash flow with Pay Now, Pay Later vendor paid advertising. Offer easy, flexible, more compelling choices for vendors. Boost advertising spend, build your agency’s brand, and achieve exceptional results. No debts to collect, no more stress.

CampaignAgent I'm Sold


Power VPA and watch sales take off with CampaignAgent.

Realise the true potential of your business. CampaignAgent gives you winning technology to put you ahead of the game.
  • Carry no advertising costs.

  • Increase vendor advertising spends (over 10% on average*)

  • No deposit required from homeowners when choosing Pay Later, so you can list their property faster.

  • CampaignAgent manages payment with homeowners while funds go directly to you.

  • Fund up to 2% of estimated sale price and receive it the next day

  • Offer Pay Now via Amex, Visa/MasterCard, Apple/Google Pay, UnionPay, BPAY, Debit Cards or enjoy flexibility of Pay Later.


everything with CampaignAgent.

CampaignAgent removes the constraints that limit success with integrated solutions to empower agents and admin staff. Stop chasing paper. Cut hours down to seconds. Your whole operation will work smoother, smarter, and faster.
  • Seamless integration with all listing, sales authority, and campaign management platforms.

  • Syncs with all CRMs, advertising platforms, and sign-on-glass solutions you use.

  • Delivers guidance instructions and pre-populated fields to keep you moving.

  • Reduce admin tasks and empower the finance department.


Style & Stage

to take the homeowners property value to the next level.

Homeowners can use CampaignAgents Pay Later option it to engage stylists, tradesmen, and hire services now and pay later, just like they can with advertising.
  • Freedom

    Access funding for styling, staging, and cosmetic improvements.

  • Pay later

    Show property at its absolute best through our Pay Later option.

  • Maximised

    Add the finishing touches that make a big difference to buyers.

  • More Choice

    Pay later for furniture hire, gardening, painting, and minor repairs.

Smart Commission

for a risk-free cash flow injection.

Why wait until settlement to access your commission. We give Listing Agents and Agencies fast and flexible access to commission income to help achieve their financial and business goals today. Simply select the SmartCommission option in CampaignAgent to access:
  • Simple and cost-effective advance on your commissions

  • Risk-free cash injection when you need it

  • Transparent terms and instant approval at less than half of competitors charge

  • $49 fee per application and 2.2% interest per month calculated daily*



everything with CampaignAgent.

Real estate is complicated enough. So, we created technology with artificial intelligence. With CampaignAgent+AI installed; everything comes together where you work. Cut hours down to seconds, do more by doing less, watch the admin team smile.
  • AI-enabled intuitive assistant knows where you are and what you want to achieve.

  • Delivers guidance instructions and pre-populated fields to keep you moving.

  • Access all Pay Now, Pay Later features without leaving the software you’re using.

  • Works in sync with all your usual applications on desktop, tablet, and mobile

  • Fully integrated with all the CRMs, advertising platforms, and sign-on-glass solutions you use.

Principals / Listing Agents

If you’d like to know more about a platform to empower vendors, streamline the sales process while integrating seamlessly with your existing software and systems, enter your details and a friendly member of the CampaignAgent team will get in touch with more info.

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