Pay Now, Pay Later Real Estate.

Easing Property Marketing Funding with CampaignAgent and MantisProperty.

CampaignAgent is pleased to announce its new integration with real estate technology provider MantisProperty.

The move aims to help agencies secure vendor payments instantly, and securely at the click of a button. By integrating our free and innovative Pay Now solutions within the MantisProperty platform, agents can help their vendors access more ways to pay for their marketing costs with ease. 

For real estate agents, the aim is to minimise the friction that can occur with vendors to make conversations easier on funding marketing. Gone are the days of friction and complicated conversations about marketing funding.

CampaignAgent’s industry-leading Pay Now, Pay Later solution, VPAPay, helps streamline the MantisProperty process for agents, with a strong focus on transparent transactions, it provides trust and security for vendors. It allows vendors to defer payment of their marketing to align with settlement rather than upfront at the start of a campaign. 



Pay Now, anytime, anywhere.

CampaignAgent and MantisProperty make accepting payments for VPA as easy as sending an email.

Now MantisProperty users can take payments for vendor advertising instantly, and securely. Plus:

  • Offer vendors peace of mind with a secure, branded payment gateway
  • Accept online payments on any device or channel
  • Pay Now is enabled within MantisProperty, so agencies/agents can request payment at the click of a button
CampaignAgent Co-founders Shaun Moriarty and Seth Watts


We’re excited to deepen our integration with MantisProperty for the next phase of our mutual growth with innovative payment and lending products that allow sellers to invest in the right marketing campaign to maximise their sale price.

MantisProperty long-standing commitment to supporting real estate agencies aligns strongly with CampaignAgent’s agency-centric approach and we look forward to reaching a national audience through MantisProperty.

Comments CampaignAgent co-founder Seth Watts.

We are delighted to be working alongside such a respected industry leader like MantisProperty. We look forward to empowering both property owners and agents through VPAPay to invest in the most effective marketing campaigns to deliver the best sale result possible.

Shaun Moriarty CampaignAgent CEO

MantisProperty helps agents.

MantisProperty allows agents to facilitate every type of real estate sale and every aspect of a sale from one simple place.

  • Record and keep track of appraisals, nurture prospects and keep up to date with all conversations.
  • Produce digital proposals with customised marketing fees and options that the vendor can choose from and agree to online.
  • Check-in private and open home inspections from your phone, tablet or allow visitors to check themselves in via a QR code.
  • Accept digital offers via QR code or email links and manage all offers with vendors and potential buyers easily
  • Instant access to enquiries coming in from your website and the various portals so you can respond to them instantly.
  • Integrated diary, scheduler and task manager to stay on top of everything.
  • Easily create and send beautiful email and sms campaigns and track their effectiveness through comprehensive reporting.
  • Customisable dashboard to set shortcuts to your most used MantisProperty features and 3rd party websites.
  • Nurture prospects with automated property alerts and notifications to keep them in the loop regarding properties that suit their criteria.

At MantisProperty, we are always looking for ways to make sure our CRM utilises the latest technology to speed up processes, reduce workload and provide value to our clients. VPAPay integrates nicely into our platform so that agents can easily request payments from vendors at the click of a button, thus streamlining the entire listing process from appraisal to acceptance of digital proposals through to recording expenses and managing the listing.

Dave Mason MantisProperty Founder

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CampaignAgent’s free payment gateway, designed to help agencies/agents quickly and securely receive marketing payments from their vendors. It’s easy to use, has no chargeback risk, no merchant or account fees, and easy-to-reconcile payments, all at no cost to you.

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